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Empathy strengthens you from within and your relationships from the outside.


Dr. M is a dynamic speaker with a powerful mission to change the world through the transformative power of empathy. Drawing on her own life experiences and masterful storytelling skills, she connects with audiences on a deep level, inspiring them to embrace empathy and make a positive impact in their own lives and communities. Join her on a journey to create a more compassionate and understanding world, one person at a time.

A compassionate and highly skilled Physician Advisor with a double board certification in American Board of Internal Medicine and American Board of Quality of Assurance, Dr. M has dedicated her career to improving the lives of her patients. After completing medical school in India, she pursued her residency in the United States and spent several years working as a hospitalist. During this time, Dr. M was able to make a positive impact on the lives of her patients. In addition to her work, she also fulfilled her passion for travel by visiting various locations worldwide and experiencing new cultures. This helped to expand her perspective and understanding of the people. However, a devastating injury turned her professional and personal life upside down. Dr. M's travels and work exposed her to a wealth of valuable insights and interactions with people from all walks of life that helped her overcome the challenges of a trying time and achieve a career change.
By taking the time to reflect and direct her empathy inward, she was able to heal physically and emotionally, strengthening her determination and grit. These qualities ultimately enabled her to triumph over the difficulties she faced and pivot into a role that keeps her actively engaged in the healthcare industry. In this new position, Dr. M continues to make a powerful and positive impact through her hard work and dedication, drawing upon the knowledge and experiences gained from her interactions with diverse individuals to inform her approach.

Community Engagement

Dr. M is a dedicated leader and community advocate who uses her medical background, organizational skills, and leadership abilities to promote positive change. As the COO of a non-profit organization focused on closing the digital divide among seniors, she works closely with volunteers to bring collective collaboration and spread the message of empathy among kids and young adults. Each year, she encourages children in her community to create handcrafted cards for seniors, strengthening intergenerational bonds and increasing emotional intelligence and patience in kids while decreasing loneliness and promoting a sense of belonging in seniors.
As an expert speaker on empathy, Dr. M is deeply committed to helping others understand the importance of being seen, heard, and understood in every relationship. She has found her own healing through service and is dedicated to using her skills and experience to positively impact those around her.

Empathy and Healthy Boundaries

As a leading expert on empathy and healthy boundaries, Dr. M empowers her audiences to navigate relationships with compassion and understanding, while also taking care of their own needs and respecting the boundaries of others. She understands the intricacies of empathy and the importance of self care, and skillfully integrates these concepts to deliver a powerful message on caring for others and ourselves. Join her on a journey to cultivate healthy, empathetic connections that enrich both ourselves and those around us.


On Stage Work & Awards

  •  TEDxWomen at Penn State University


  • Community speaking events for non-profit.

  • Shamokin Newspaper 

  • The Daily Item Shamokin News

  • WNEP news for Community event

  • PA-live on Empathy

  • Presidential Volunteer Service Award Gold (group award)

  • Presidential Volunteer Service Award Silver (individual award)


Featured on Podcasts:

  • Non-Clinical Physicians

  • The Edges of Lean

  • A Little Less Fear Podcast

  • Mededia
  • Boann Podcast
I had the pleasure this Sunday to see Anjani speak at the TEDxPSU Women event. Her talk on setting boundaries was powerful and impactful. It made me think about how I set boundaries for myself and how sometimes I don’t. It is good to be reminded how important this is not only in our personal life but professional life, as well, and to give ourselves permission. Thank you Anjani for your insight and dedication to helping others move forward in life in a healthy and positive way.

A few weeks ago, I had the honor to sit and witness Anjani present a TedX speech on the values of boundaries. Anjani performed her talk with ease, and spoke with confidence and pride about boundaries in the work place and in life. Throughout her speech, I gained that she has had immense experience throughout a variety of fields and thus was an expert in the topic of conversation. I am proud to say that I got to attend such an event, and her words sit with me still to this day. Anjani's impact will be felt by any who get the chance to interact with her. I am pleased to recommmend Anjani for any daring task that may come her way!

What an inspiring talk! Dr. Anjani spoke about boundaries to set in a professional environment which is a fundamental factor of effective workplace interactions. It was truly amazing to see this presentation since it came from experiences lived by Dr. Anjani. It was an honor to have heard her message at TED!

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